Pixel Scrapper Blogtrain September

At the fair

Here is my part to the blogtrain 


NEW elements file.. All in .png and i forgot to stroke some of my items so please download this new one ^^
Sorry for the problem ^^



Templates freebie :)

Hope you like it :)

First off we got a flair template 1 inch :) See a lot of people are selling these but i'm giving one to you :)

This is just an exemple of what you can do with them :) 

And second off we have a pointers tempalte :)

And an exemple of what you can do with them :)

Have fun creating with them, they are CU :) Please show me what you create :)


New start

Okej now i'm going to start a new trend ^^ Project life.. See if i can put together a kit :) It's fun to callenge yourself a bit :) It will probubly take forever but hey, who cares ^^ When it's done i'll give it to you :)