New freebie waiting for you

I'm just starting to learn how to manage my new facebook site ^^

And i got a job for you all, and in return you'll get a free kit perfect for your christmas photos :)

Share links to my facebook page and help me reach 500 :)

When i'm geting past 100 i'll share a little mini addon to pixelscrappers blogtrain this month. 

And ofcause you'll get a sneak peak on what's coming at 500 :)

This kit has: 30 papers, 66 elements and an upper alpha + numbers 

You don't wanna miss this one :)

Please go to: 


Facebook page open :)

I have finally finished my facebookpage :) Visit, like and get a supercute freebie :)

Go HERE to download :)


Pixelscrappers blogtrain december

Can you belive it's almost christmas :) I love this time of the year and it's my absolut favorit holiday of them all ^^ So i went a bit crazy doing this blogtrain ^^ I love doing pixelscrappers blogtrain and i love christmas so i new that i was screwd at the begining ;) I hope you like it as much as i loved to make it for you :) FORGOT IT'S PU ONLY :)

And if you want to download the rest of the train, just hop back into pixelscrapper:


iDSD freebie

Hello everyone i made a kit for you just for iDSD :)
Hope you like it ^^ Sorry for the N and not D in the preview picture^^


Pixelscrappers blogtrain

Hello it's time again, i made a small kit this month but i hope you'll like it :) Please leave a messege if you do :) This kit is for PU only forgot that on the preview ^^


Pixel Scrapper Blogtrain September

At the fair

Here is my part to the blogtrain 


NEW elements file.. All in .png and i forgot to stroke some of my items so please download this new one ^^
Sorry for the problem ^^



Templates freebie :)

Hope you like it :)

First off we got a flair template 1 inch :) See a lot of people are selling these but i'm giving one to you :)

This is just an exemple of what you can do with them :) 

And second off we have a pointers tempalte :)

And an exemple of what you can do with them :)

Have fun creating with them, they are CU :) Please show me what you create :)